Saturday, October 6, 2012

icy droplets

I woke up to the most delightful icy droplets on the trees outside. 
It's like the leaves were calling out to be photographed. They seemed so proud of their weight.

Today is an inside day, filled with baking banana bread, drinking coffee, watching The Big Bang Theory, and getting messy with some paint in my journal. 

What are you doing this Saturday?

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Shash said...

Those droplets make me think of batter-fried sage. Yum.

This Saturday is for household chores and shopping. Almost done with the yard for winter, then on to finish organizing the garage for same. But I need a couple of warmer days to make it happen.

On the good news side, a shout-out to my brothers may have found a home for a couple of lovely dogs who's owner will pass away soon. A good day.