Wednesday, October 17, 2012

wednesday catch-up

Hi all! I always think that it's been no time at all since I last blogged, but it's been weeks. Oops. I'll make a list of stuff I've been up to...
*Emergency room for our daughter (softball accident...she's good, but we thought she might have a concussion)
*3 family birthdays, including our son turning 16 and daughter turning 14! Oy. I need to figure out how to stop time.
*dog issues...she's all good now, but it really scared me. I love her so much.
*Robotics meetings
*a bunch of art journaling which I will share later this week
*banana bread making and cookie baking. 
*general work goodness...lots of shoots and finishing up yearbook submissions
*allergies, yoga, spin classes (which I am LOVING!), and a wee bit of running

And now a sneak peek from a shoot I had last week...we had magic light for about 2 minutes. I could've died happy in that light. It was perfect. 

aren't they SO pretty?!

And then we chased the light around Garden of the Gods. Completely delightful. :)
I was on a very precarious rock shooting this last was nothing short of a miracle that I didn't fall or trip or get dismembered in some way. Anything to get the shot. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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