1.   I have a hubby (that I've been married to for 24 years), one kiddo in college, one in high school. I dream about adding a cleaning service and an assistant.
  2.  I love new possibilities, soy lattes, and painted toes.
  3.  I make art, green smoothies and lists.
  4. I am enthusiastic and excitable...to the point that I have to tone it down so I don't frighten small children.
  5. I am terribly clumsy and distractible.
  6. As a child, I rotated which stuffed animals I slept with, to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings…I still felt bad for the ones left on the cold floor and was sure there was some resentment building up on their parts, but I did my best.
  7. I studied painting at San Jose State University, and art and photography at UCLA.
  8.  I love “The People's Couch” (and almost anything on Bravo), running, and naps.
  9. I have almost no concept of time.
  10. I have a passion for making stuff...including, but not limited to, art journals, paintings, and cookies. I love making people laugh. I love showing people how beautiful they are. I love helping people express themselves creatively.

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