Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm so sorry for the lack of posts! What's been going on?

*22 hour journey to California and back for a shoot.
*lovely magazine sessions
*was pleasantly surprised to be included in a massive Etsy email
*sold over 50 pendants in one day. O.M.G!!!!!
*threw out my back
*now have a horrible cold that apparently makes me snore like a locomotive (sorry honey!)

Today: Parent teacher conference. Sorting orders and pendants and receipts. Taking more sudafed. Project Runway tonight. Maybe some yoga at some point. And tea. And coffee. And more apologizing for all my snoring. And celebrating the beginning of spring break...I LOVE having the kids home!

I have some great photos to share...hopefully by tomorrow afternoon. :)


Anonymous said...

YAY for the 50 pendants! That's SO fantastic! Boo for the back & sickness. Don't your back & snot know that you can't be out of commission while you are booming with great work?!? Geez. Just like a back to go out when you need it the most. :)
Hope you are on the up & up soon!

dawn said...

My jaw is hanging open at 50 pendants in one day. Ohmy!!

Hey--there is a little blog award on my blog for you today...

Love you!