Thursday, March 11, 2010

10 things Thursday

*I still haven't had my hair fixed

*I have intense, vivid dreams. Every night. I wake up exhausted. Last night was about a race and I was swimming while pulling a boat up stream and I kept cutting my leg and when I reached the finish line I told someone how wonderful the 7th book of Harry Potter was.

*I started back on the pill a few days ago and if I gain 20 lbs I will kick some Doctor butt.

*Heights scare me.

*I have no concept of time. None. It's a struggle. I get lost in time. I can't figure out how long something will take me. Planning errands with an end time is a nightmare and so sometimes I have my husband figure it out for me. I just got a very cool book on time and art called Creative Time and Space...making room for making art...such a good book and nice to know I'm not alone in my time conundrums.

*I feel like my photography business is shifting a bit. Doors are opening. Some may close. And I feel like I'm just going for the ride. Nice.

*I'm very concerned with how many "I's" are in this list.

*I'm bringing someone a meal tonight and I have no idea how to do it...How's it gonna stay hot? I steam the veggies first or give them raw for the family to do? When do I start cooking so it's ready to be delivered by a certain time? ('s the time stuff again). I have actually left my whole day open because I didn't know how to plan around this delivery.

*Envi in Old Colorado City is going to carry a few of my pendants. If you live in the Springs (or near by) they have some super cool stuff. So happy for all the wonderful encouragement I got to put myself out there and get in some shops.

*Feeling the need for some yoga, some praying, some centering today. I have so many things swimming through my mind that I'm having a hard time starting on my day. What do YOU do when you need to wrangle your thoughts into order? I'd love to hear. :)


justastonesthrowaway said...

*Well, I say cook the veggies and if let them deal with heating them up.
*SOOOO glad you put your pendants in a shop. People will LOVE them!
*When I need to wrangle my thoughts, I take a few deep breaths and start making a list. I am not functional without lists.
*Hope your photography business is perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Be sparkly! Have I told you that I LOVE my pendant? L.O.V.E. I.T.

dawn said...

YAY for your pendants in a shop, Cath! I'll have to check that place out. I also need to pick a pendant and buy one already...I just have a hard time choosing!