Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Every now and then, my stomach decides it's not in a good mood. Such is the case today. And yesterday. And the night before.
But I'm sure this is the last day. It has to be, cuz I have a fun photo shoot tomorrow that I will not miss. No way, Jose.
So, I've had one cup of coffee (against my husband's good advice...but there is no way I will allow a caffeine headache on top of whatever this is) and once I drive our little girl to school, I will be a damsel on the couch. A woman of luxury you might say. A day of reading and app looking and Bravo watching and dog hugging. Not a bad way to shoo-away some stomach pain. :)


Beth said...

I hope your day on the sofa makes you feel better and that your photo shoot tomorrow goes well! Love ya!

dawn said...

Feel better, Cathy!