Sunday, November 1, 2009


Apparently this mouse (singular!) thinks we are providing a buffet. It has licked 4 traps clean now.
It has skill.
And technique.
And dance moves.

I'm going hard, I'm off to Lowes to get some kind of evil contraption that is dark and menancing...the kind of place that you go to and never come out of. Maybe it will think it is an exclusive night club.

Bring it on, little mouse.

(oh, and I did not take that picture it off of a google search...I just hate a post with no pictures...I didn't see the photographer's info, or I would've credited the person. And you know what? I hope that mouse is dead too.)


Beth said...

Oh but that mouse is really cute! :) (I guess not if it's in your house.) Good luck!)

Anonymous said...

You have heard my story about trapping 23 mice before we put Decon under the house. Don't give up!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

oh but he is kinda cute...