Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm sitting here, waiting for Project Accessory to start and I'm thinking about a few things...
1. My daughter takes the longest showers. I'm listening to our water bill add up by the second. I can hardly complain about it took me almost 40 years to realize that I could take a shower in less than 30 minutes.

2. I need to drink more water during the day. Sometimes it takes until 8pm to realize that I am really really thirsty. And then I'm up all night peeing.

3. This is a great post on here. :)

4. The way I sit at my desk (in almost a yoga/indian-style/I'm-scared-that-spiders-will-attack-my-feet position) might be hurting my back. Which makes me feel about a hundred years old. I refuse to change my position while sitting at my desk, but I might need to add some more yoga to my day to stretch out my back.

5. I broke down today and bought regular christmas cards at Target. And not just regular (and in that I mean that I did not design them), but they don't even have the "insert photo here" place. I haven't sent out cards for a few years now and I KNOW we've been kicked off a few lists. But I always put this pressure on myself...I'm a photographer. I need to send out a greatly designed and hugely personal Christmas card that includes all of us on the front and our little dog too in a picture summary that explains our whole life. On a 5x7 card. Are my expectations too high? Well, it's just not going to happen. I'm super busy from July until after Christmas. And I'm sick of the guilt. But I also want our far away friends to know we still exist. So they will get a hand signed note that says we love them and we are still here and PUT US BACK ON YOUR HOLIDAY CARD LIST, DARNIT!
One day I will have a great picture of us and I will send it out to all our friends and they can see how beautiful and happy and well traveled and sophisticated we are. Until then, you know, whatever. :)

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