Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday confession

Confession:  I have to go through the whole alphabet in my head if I am looking up something that's in alphabetical order.
Does anyone else have to do that? Is this something that I should keep to myself?! LOL!
Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I also do this, but don't have to do the entire alphabet. I picture the letters around the "focus" letter and go from there. I did keep this to myself for a LONG time:)

Sarah said...

Will it make you feel any better if you know that I still have to pretend to say the pledge to remember my right from left? I'm totally directionally handicapped!!

Shash said...

Not so much for me but I have to face west to figure out which is my right hand.

Sarah said...

The whole "north south east west" thing only worked for me when I lived in CO. Here in CA I have no mountains to the west to figure out where I am! Ack!

Left and Right I can figure out with the pledge (like I already said above), but give me directions that say "go north" or something, and I"ll see you next month... if I'm lucky! ha