Saturday, November 12, 2011


Does everyone know that I love farm animals? Love I tell you. I spent a little over an hour photographing these goats (and cat) and it felt like 10 minutes. They are the sweetest things...tasting every part of my outfit (and only grabbing skin once...ouch!), curious, sweet, gentle, and affectionate. Um, I want one please. Do you think that our home owner's association would go for it?!

What a little sweetheart! Doesn't she look SO happy?!

This kitty likes to play with the goats. When she goes after something in the dirt, the goats copy her and do it too. 

Mother and daughter. (by the way, their ears aren't cut off, they are a special type of goat that have little curly ear buds, like swirly flower petals. )

Thanks for hanging out with me sweet goats. I hope to be back soon. :)


Shash said...

Goats are wonderful. They are smart, curious, and affectionate.

Just stay away from the billy in rut.

I really like the pic shot into the sun. It's like looking at a goat spirit.

Sarah said...

i love the one who's "smiling" with his/her eyes closed!! so sweet!!!! :)

Becca D said...

Have you heard about pigmy goats?! I have an aunt and uncle who have them as pets. :) I am in love with your animal photography!! You're amazing.