Monday, October 3, 2011

dirt, moss, & other good things

This weekend: Good run, planted a tree, awesome photo shoot, TONS of laundry, moved my office to a larger room in our house (this was a slightly bigger task than I thought it would be), made an amazing soba noodle salad with fresh veggies roasted outside in the grill, walked the dog, played cards with the kids, napped on the couch, shopped with one of our teens, library trip (oh how I love the library!) and made yummy vegan cookies that no one in my house wants to try because they are "vegan"...Great!...all to myself then! It was a good weekend that is leading up to an exciting week of traveling to So. Cal for a photo shoot and see my brother and sister-in-law and look longingly at the ocean for as long as I can.


true believer said...

Gosh, honey, those pics are awesome!!!

Shash said...

Gnarly pics! Enjoy CA!