Thursday, September 1, 2011

bring it

Our stoic daughter has spent most of the afternoon throwing up. She threw up one time before softball practice earlier and said, "ya, I can play, I'm fine". Such a sweetie. But no, not fine, and it's really good we brought her home.
So after holding her hair back, canceling my plans tonight, buying gatorade and saltine crackers (but first running back home because I forgot my wallet for the first trip to the store), lighting a candle, disinfecting everything, spraying some air freshener (that I'm sure has stuff in it that will kill you, buy oh, doesn't it smell good), eating some saltines (because I am just that psycho and start to have "symptoms" when other people are sick), and having a glass of wine, I feel almost normal again. Now, it's almost time for Project Runway. Bring it.

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Shash said...

Poor child. Poor mom.