Friday, August 26, 2011

hot air balloon

I am so behind in sneak peeks! Over the next few weeks, I will start posting. :) 

In other news, I have decided that there should always be hot air balloons in the air. I was working out yesterday at the gym, running (and by that I mean fast walking with a hop), I saw out the giant window a wonderful red hot air balloon and it got closer and closer until it actually landed about a half mile from the gym. It was so pretty! I love the sky here in's amazing and always changing. But seriously? You add a hot air balloon and your life feels practically magical. I kept looking at it because it was so pretty and made me feel dreamy and happy...which led to the woman on the treadmill next to me (in the direction of the window) think I was hitting on her...but that's a whole other story.

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Shash said...

I like the couple in this sneak peek.

I also love hot air balloons. I agree the sky in Colorado is excellent but this summer I was reminded of how beautiful and delicate the sky of northern Minnesota and the other areas of the Canadian shield is. It's amazing.