Friday, August 5, 2011

Things that I have been doing that I have not been blogging

1. I've been on a journey. A food journey. I've always been bent toward a non-meat eating existance, but last week I turned a corner. I have been eating chicken every now and then, but I tried to eat a chicken sandwich and just couldn't do it. I threw it away. Blech. So, I've been doing some vegetarian research...I want to make sure I am getting everything I need. I got a good multi-vitamin yesterday that did not make my stomach hurt (the jury's still out on whether it makes me "stopped up"...sorry if that is too much info for you sensitive types). :)

2. Learning to trust my instincts. To use my voice. And be brave enough to say "huh?" To be comfortable in my own skin and know my voice. To risk exposing myself by asking questions. To know enough to say "this isn't working" or "that isn't going to work".  I was at a magazine shoot last week and I just knew things weren't going well. I'd had a really bad day and I just couldn't wrap my head around what the art director wanted. And I blew it. Big time. Lucky for me, they are giving me another chance. Which brings me to number 3...

3. I am studying the art of STYLING. I know my camera backwards and forwards. But styling a shoot is new to me. What looks good in person doesn't always photograph the way you think it will. And being conscious of proportion and textures and little details is a challenge. So every chance I get I am studying. Thank God for the web, cuz there is more goodness than I can count. Sometimes that is overwhelming, but right now, it is more awesome than I can say. Like this beauty which is my inspiration for the re-do shoot:
Photo by Erin and Courtney De Jauregui
Styling by La Partie Events

4. I did something to my neck. It froze up on my over a week ago on the way to a shoot and I haven't been the same sense. Went to the chiropractor yesterday and am on my to feeling like myself again. I already do nightly yoga, so I'm adding in some Advil and careful sleeping positions. 

In less than 2 weeks, the kids will be back in school. Boooooo! But the good that comes from that is a daily schedule and more uninterupted time, so until then, it's hit and miss. Happy Friday Y'all!

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