Monday, August 8, 2011

National Mill Dog Rescue

I was at a shoot on the Air Force Academy this morning, shooting part of next year's National Mill Dog Rescue calendar. This is Maggie. Whe was a breading dog who was about to be put down because she couldn't have any more litters when NMDR saved her. And then life got even better when she got adopted into her new forever home.  She is the sweetest thing who nuzzles into your legs when she needs some comfort and love. I am in love with every single bit of wrinkly skin. :)

If you have a dog that you'd like photographed by me, half of the animal session fee is donated straight to National Mill Dog Rescue so that more dogs like Maggie can find their forever homes. Let me know if you'd like to book a session. :)

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Shash said...

Cool. All my pets and my brothers' pets are rescues. Too bad we live so far away from you.