Monday, April 25, 2011

Strawberry love

So I was loopy from my migraine and the medicine I took for the migraine on Easter morning, laying in bed, surfing my iphone for whatever. I don't remember the path to Alejandra Ramos's blog, but I got there and couldn't get her recipe out of my throbbing head. As soon as my headache was at bay, I got the ingredients. I changed a few things...used regular cake flour by mistake...reduced fat buttermilk instead of whole...less rising agents (that's life at 7000 feet)...and it turned out so yummy!  Very rustic and simple and everything I wanted for a rainy headachy Sunday. Next time I'm going to make it with blueberries and almond extract. And the right kind of flour. :)

You can find the recipe here:

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Shash said...

Mmm, looks good. Funnily enough, I aspired to making strawberry shortcake yesterday, even though I am gluten-intolerant Most gluten-free mixes don't taste great but Pamela's brand has almond flour in it. So I made the biscuit recipe and added sugar for sweetness.

Yummmmm. An perfect strawberries too. Tonight is leftover night. Yay!