Sunday, March 27, 2011


Spring is in the air (even though it snowed last night) and that means new goals...

*Wear more dresses a dress occasionally. In the 90's I wore denim overalls everyday. Now it's just jeans and whatever black top is clean. I'm in a rut. 
*Surround myself with things that make me and my family happy.
*Get rid of everything that doesn't meet the above requirement.
*Avoid making my family crazy during the process.
*Paint every now and then. Even though I create images through a camera lens, in my mind, I am first and foremost a painter. Something my kids never see me do. There's a disconnect there that I want to mend.
*Find a home for all the fabric I have...I used to quilt and make baby blankets for sale. I have so much fabric I will NEVER use. I'm tired of storing it all in my garage when someone else could use it. If you want free fabric, send me an email. :)
*Eat more fresh produce. This is something that I've been doing all week and I feel fabulous! Need to continue.
*Be intentional.

Okay, tired of making a's time to start my day and live and breathe and hug and surround every moment with joy.


Wordfiend said...

I happen to know a quilter who lives in Woodland Park. Her blog is Her email is

Anonymous said...

I made a decision to wear dresses more a few years ago and am so glad I did! There are so many cute dresses out there.