Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I took a little vacation from my camera after a really busy January. While I was playing around today with tulip photos, my camera started acting up. It was a little glitchy a few weeks ago, but I thought it might be the new lens I got. Nope. I had my trusty workhorse 24-70mm 2.8L on and it got one error message after another. Yuck. 
This week has been full of yuck. Blisters on my feet from the running shoes I returned. And I ran today at the gym only to have the blisters flare up...I don't know if they are from the replacement shoes or from last week, but if I can't train this second, I don't think I can train for the half marathon I want to do in April. A mid summer half marathon is more practical anyway, but I was hoping to do the run with some friends who are doing the one in April. Yuck.
And then I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism...not a big deal, but it's one more pill to take.
And there was something else abnormal in my blood work, and the doctor is having me collect my pee for 24 hours. Yuck! I have to keep a cooler in the bathroom! Gross. 
Life is messy and complicated.
I need to remember that so that my expectations don't get in the way of enjoying the goodness that does inevitably happen.
Like tulips. :)


Amy C said...

Sounds like a rough time! Sorry to hear about the hypothyroidism. Hope everything is ok.

justastonesthrowaway said...

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!

Murr Brewster said...

Ew. Reminds me of having to bring a bottle of pee in my purse on the subway during rush hour. It's really a people-crunch in there anyway, but somehow you feel even more vulnerable...hope you're okay.