Monday, August 2, 2010

Late sneak peek.

Sometimes I start a shoot and take a few images and quickly check my viewfinder to see what I am getting. Actually, I always do this, but anyway...I knew I was in trouble when I saw the 5th image...I could've just stopped the shoot right there. Sheesh. It should not be legal for a photo shoot to go so well. Even the dog cooperated! It was freakin amazing.

(image #5 below!)

Who's a good dog? who's a good dog?

I got to this sneak peek later than I thought I would...I went school clothes shopping with my almost 12 year old daughter...and after 3 malls and multiple fitting rooms, she finally found an outfit she liked.
And all I kept thinking was KARMA.
Mom, if you are reading this, I am so sorry.


Anonymous said...

I thought of you yesterday while I was working and wondered how it was going. No apology needed - but thanks for the GREAT laugh! BTW-great pictures. Even the dog has a great smile. Love - Mom

Wordfiend said...

Great looking family. And I WANT that dog! Too adorable.

Cathy said...

Thanks Wynn Anne! I know, she is the best dog!
Thanks Mom! :)