Saturday, June 12, 2010

For my love dear wonderful husband who loves rivers as much as a reeses peanut butter cups, has been chomping at the bit for a few more river pics. These are for you. (and yes, I realize there is only ONE actual river pic, but you get the idea...I love you.)
Baby pine cones:

Second...I want to thank all of you for your totally unexpected and wonderful response to my peony flower images! Thank you so much! My heart is bursting.


Anonymous said...

Thanks baby, and I love the baby cones.


Unknown said...

I think you're a great nature photographer! Love these photos!

Dawn said...

I like the baby cones too. I thought you said you didn't get any good river pics...this is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Just poured over your site and can't wait to see the new one too sweet Cathy! Our Living Room group was truly oxygen to my soul you.