Monday, February 22, 2010


*wearing yoga new favorite item in my closet. How have I lived without them? They are soft and long and wide-legged goodness. Swoon.
*Placing orders
*soldering new pendants (yay!)
*Cleaning the house from top to bottom. Baseboards. Dust bunnies. Dusting. Toilets. Clutter. Next on the list is getting rid of HALF of everything that is lurking in our cabinets. But I swear to all that is holy that I will NOT start that today. First things first. Stay focused.

But, while I'm on the topic of getting rid of stuff...I have a dress of my daughter's that I refuse to just giveaway to goodwill. It is a Velvet and Taffeta American Girl Dress...complete with faux fur trims, size 10. I will put up a pic later, but if you are interested, let me know. It makes the nicest holiday dress, so if your daughter is anywhere from 7 to 10, this would be perfect for next Christmas. Free to the first person to respond, you just pay shipping. :)

Okay, back to grungy work. Time to kick the ipod into work mode.


Beth said...

Can I order that print? :) Good luck with the cleaning and whatnot! I was wishing for a snow day so I could have done the same, but oh well! Love ya

true believer said...

the dress is really cute, someone should use it...but you dont get the doll, our daughter would disown us if we gave away her American Girl dolls.


dawn said...

kicking the ipod into work mode...I do that too. Need to do it over here! Love you.

Sarah said...

Kate's only a size 4 or 5, but she would LOVE LOVE LOVE a fancy holiday dress. By Christmas time she'll be in a size 5 or 6, I think. :)