Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Small images = dead computer

I usually upload sneak peek images through my webhost instead of through blogger because it allows me to put up bigger images. Bigger is definately better when it comes to photos. My images are crystal clear and I want people to see every detail. I like it that way. But this afternoon, something is wrong with the file I store all my blog images in and something else comes up when I click on my blog photos link and I am so frustrated...

Option 1: Throw my computer out the window to it's certain death.
Option 2: Just upload to blogger and accept smaller images to show for now and slowly back away from the computer because I have made it angry by suggesting throwing it out the window and read Harry Potter while I calm down and send happy thoughts to the computer world, which in general is really quite wonderful.

I think I will go with option 2 and for now, here's a small image sneak peek of my shoot from Saturday. :)

EDIT: problem fixed...here are the images in the size they were meant to be in! :)

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