Friday, December 11, 2009

1.Been super productive today! All week I've been snail-slow, but this morning I busted out the work.
2.Going to lunch with my mom up in Castle Rock and then we're going to window shop. Yay!
3.Watch Christmas specials on tv tonight, while drinking hot cocoa and cuddling with my kiddos and little dog.
4.Gonna get rid of this headache with a billion cups of coffee...I'm well on my way.
5.So thankful for all my wonderful etsy and photography clients...I am surrounded by goodness everyday and I am so grateful!
6.I'm praying that I am not in line at the post office forever. I usually use the little kiosk thingy to send pendants out, but this one's going to Portagul, so I have to do a Custom's thing. Hmmmm.
7.Looking forward to a weekend free to make pendants, do laundry, and make more Christmas gifts. Our homemade Christmas is looking pretty good!
8.Thankful that our pipes haven't burst like many of our neighbor's.
9.Ignoring the dust in our house.
10.Embracing our life like it is right now...God has given us everything we need today. I will take a deep breathe and REST in the hands of a loving God.


Anonymous said...

Love the deer! Hope the Post Office line wasn't too long.
Love - Mom

Gena said...

Lovely post!! always so nice to "see" the person behind the blog, so to speak. I don't do enough or much of that, must change that in the new year!!

Tea with Tiffany said...

How fun to run into you in person at the post office. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I hope to contact in the new year about getting a pic done.