Sunday, November 15, 2009

(taken a few weeks ago...there's way more snow today!...couldn't get myself outside this morning to take pics from today's snow)

A few things this morning...

1. A layer of ice + 6 inches of snow = the Walters family not going to church...our little mini van would be fishtailing all the way down the hill. (one more reason for me getting my baby-poop-green jeep...just saying)

2. After putting out some different traps, we still have a mouse. It's not going for the sticky traps. And it ate a whole block of poison. This mouse is a freaky hulk like mouse now. I think it's out to get us. Our dog paces in front of my office closet for hours. That couldn't mean it's in there, right?

3. I slept in til almost 9am. Hubby brought me a peppermint mocha, and I watched E! news in bed. Heaven.

4. Today I MUST create stuff. I have more journals waiting to be made, pendants laying on my craft table waiting to be soldered. My office/studio is trembling with excitable creative energy and I'm having a hard time just sitting here typing this while there is so much wonderment to be had.

5. It's still snowing and I love it. I think there is a snowman in my future. :) to create. :) Anyone else making stuff today? Leave a comment. REally. :)


Anonymous said...

Still making mucus - does that count?

Anonymous said...

eewww, Mom that is gross...thanks for sharing

tonya said...

mouse tip...cheapo traps from dollar tree or OSH or wherever. smush on the cheese - american smushes well - then smear with a little peanut butter (before setting). set trap. then put it in a brown paper lunch bag. when the sucker goes off, you wrap it all up and toss the whole thing. lovely. (well, ok, not lovely, but lack of mess and clean up is lovely)