Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two things.

After working, doing laundry, making calls, trying to have a date night out with my husband (and finding out that Julie and Julia WASN'T playing) and renting a movie ("Sunshine Cleaning"...painfully hard to watch), I am relieved that I have this day, Saturday, to do two things and two things only. Two things are good. I am going to try not to complicate the day or fill it up with "shoulds" and "what-nots", cuz that is my cross to bare (bear?).
First, a shoot with a delightful family.
Second, a million and one pendants ready to be soldered. They are waiting on my studio table, trembling (yes, trembling) with excitement about fulfilling their pendant potential. Pendants, I am so sorry I made you wait all week. And clients who have requested pendants, I am sorry to be so snail-like in my pace. Seriously, I have no super-sonic speed left in my step.
Maybe that is how it is supposed to be.
If you could only do two things today, what would they be? (leave a comment, it's fun and you earn points to get into heaven and bunnies will frolic all around you.)


Anonymous said...

It's not the way to heaven and I have no idea about the bunnies, but the two things I'm going to do today are Sew and Sew. This is something I have had no time to do and its going to happen today:)

Sarah said...

2 things...
1) Try not to snap at my husband (again!) -- dangerous, dangerous time of the month...
2) Get out to SF with the fam and have fun wandering around the Arboretum, delighting in the "small stuff"

For my comment I'll take the frolicking bunnies, though not so interested in the other angle

Tonya said...

though it's now Tuesday and not Saturday - I would choose to stay in bed and sleep/lounge all day
ugh - not feeling well, so that's all that sounds good right now :(