Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sneak peek Saturday!

Today is the very rare Saturday that I didn't have a shoot. This doesn't happen very often, so me and the fam went on a hike into the mountains to enjoy some mile-high lakes, took tons of pictures of Queen Anne's Lace, got a huge iced chai at Starbucks, and hit the farmer's market. Nothing better than summer fresh produce. What a perfect day!!!
And what a fun shoot yesterday! Thanks for hanging out with me! And a big thank you to Sarah for hanging out with me during the shoot and never once making me feel like a dork. Cuz I am. And I'm loud. And I never shut up while I shoot. I read that Annie Lebovitz (and I'm NOT comparing myself to her!) never talks while she's shooting...she likes to concentrate. Oh my gosh...I think that kind of silence would kill me. I would spontaneously combust. :)
Enjoy your sneak peek!

1 comment: said...

OH MY WORD! You do the most beautiful work! What a heavenly gift bestowed upon you!! Not that you care, but I was looking at your beauties on etsy and my kids are asleep so i ended up here and beyond!!! Thanks for really warming my heart...the pics made me smile...over and over. Wish you were in NY somewhere. Are you near Berthoud, CO? I have relatives there. Maybe I could visit some day and do a photo shoot.
Really.....Amazing! Thanks for the smiles.