Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm going to be...

Hiking with the fam
Eating Smores
Swimming like fish
Playing cards
Doing puzzles
Looking at amazing views
With my amazing family
Forever and ever amen. :)

Well, til the 6th. See you later wonderful blog readers!


Sarah said...

Where are you off to? We just got back last night from 6 days in Maui, and my little Rebel Xsi did great, 700+ pictures later. Can you say gorgeous? Have a great trip!

Megan said...

Oh wow! I love love love your blog! I didn't even realize that you not only make awesome pendants, but you also take amaaazing photos! :) Very cool!

Oo its lots of fun to make scratch cards (and so easy!) just design the cards however you want them and then buy some scratch off stickers from this site: and vwala! Once you scratch them off you can see right through to what was underneath on your card :)

Ok I'll stop rambling now! hehe Have a great week!

Jeanne Oliver said...

Do you ever do editing classes? Seriously..I would sign up in a second!!! Love the shot and hope you had a fabulous time. I am trying not to eat that whole smore thing has me hungry:-)