Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Uber sweetness

Well, miracles never cease...I HAVE journalled 5 days in a row! Wow. My journalling doesn't look like it did in my teens, when I'd journal volumes of feelings and thoughts and dreams...not that that's a bad thing! But now I'm using my journalling so that I can settle down at night...so many things swirling in my head and I just need to get them OUT. So, I journal lists. And I pray over my lists. I write what we did that day (good for scrapping later) and I journal what's going through my head about tomorrow.

What's so great about this for me is the FREEDOM that this gives me. I got rid of my preconceived notion of what journalling was going to look like. I LOVE lists. I think in lists. This makes sense to me. It makes me happy.

I'm curious...are there any things out there that you have found freedom with?

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Anonymous said...

i think that I also think in lists. And I always wish i had more time to actually journal. As opposed to doing it online where you have to filter yourself. Plus I need to see if i remember how to write with an actual pen and paper.

also, i can't remember if i thanked you for the AWESOME pendant you sent the other day. Sorry, it's been crazy with traveling around here. It is so gorgeous. I love it, and you are SO THOUGHTFUL to have sent it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :)