Thursday, February 7, 2008

What I've been working on... latest obsession. I love doing this. I'm off today to find more fabric, paper, etc to put in these little soldered pendants. They are made with lead-free/part sterling silver solder and comes with a sterling silver 16 inch ball chain. They are $20.00 each. Email me if you are interested in one. :)

and yesterday, I found out about this awesome magazine..."Artful Blogging" has AMAZING artists in this book with all their blog addresses, what inspires them, how their blog grew, etc. It really makes the blogging world feel more like a little family than this random big world out there. Love that.

Thanks for all your comments yesterday about birthday forgetfulness. I think that a good friend will hear you when you call her out...and that's exactly what happened with one of my friends yesterday. She owned it, felt horrible, and we moved on. I'm so thankful for the freedom in good friendships. Yay for that.
Now, I'm off to get some major crap accomplished!
PS. My spellcheck isn't working today...ugh. sometimes I hate blogspot. Seriously, I am on my way to typepad. So, if you spot all the spelling errors, it's blogspot's fault, not mine.

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kerry said...

love, love, LOVE the jewelry!!!!! i'm first in line!!! :o) so fabulous...