Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I saw this car about 5 months ago and freaked out...I had an almost physical response to it. I felt like screaming at the owner that he was driving MY car! I am not even kidding when I half-way contemplated on following the car to wherever it was going, just so that I could stare at it a little longer.

Let me back up...I have NEVER been into cars. I want them to work, have A/C, and a big stack of magazines to read in the carpool line.

Until now. For some reason, I just can't stand driving my minivan. It's like driving a big hot dog. And I pray the whole time that I'm driving on snow and ice that I will not slide into anything that is living.

My husband hates this car. He says it's the color of baby poo. And he says that the only way I will ever get this car is if we win the lottery.
I am not discouraged. One day, I will be in baby poo 4x4 bliss. I know it. :)

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Anonymous said...

Your otherwise brilliant husband is obviously suffering from complete lack of judgement regarding the Wrangler Unlimited. It's very high on my list as well. However, I must agree with him on the color. Perhaps I'm just not artsy enough. :-)