Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ever feel like you are so full of angst, excitement, fear, inspiration, dread, love, joy, anger, longing, whatever, that you just can't keep it inside, like you will explode. Like you were made for more than THIS (whatever THIS may be for you). Ya. Me too. And I loved this pear the minute I saw it in the store. My only regret...I didn't eat it. I enjoyed looking at it for too many days and then it got wrinkly.
Today I have lunch with a friend, work, volunteering at the school, laundry. Stuff. Good stuff.
And I'm trying to get past the fact that Kit got the boot on Project Runway.

Edit: I just saw this on Cathy Zielske's blog...if you have seen the Tom Cruise crazy video, pause my music and watch this.


Anonymous said...

Ah!!Now I know wjo got kicked off!! Say it isn't so!

Linda Woods said...

i LOVE your pear art! SO COOL!!!