Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rule of thirds...

So, I was doing a shoot this morning, shooting and explaining to the high school senior and his mom that I never center anything and that I have a tendency to do angles, and basically talking photo-gibberish, when all of a sudden, the guy says, "ya, the rule of thirds."

I almost jumped out of my shoes, I was so excited!...a client that knows about the rule of thirds! Wow! Totally impressed! :) (for those that don't know the rules of thirds, it is a basic design principle that explains balance and why things are aesthetically pleasing...I can do a little diagram if anyone wants me to. :)...just leave a comment for a more in depth explanation and I'll do it.)

Anyway, I digress! Needless to say, I loved doing today's shoot, and here are some pictures for the sneak peek. :) Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

what a great shoot! How nice that he "got" it. I still occasionally get a grandma or a dad who asks me why I "cut their heads off" drives me NUTS! :0)