Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Baby On Board

Here's the sneak peek from today's maternity shoot...okay, I never realized how un-sexy "maternity" sounds! From here on out, I am never using that word again. Okay blog readers...give me some ideas that I can call pregnancy shoots. We need to update this ultra cool thang us girls get to do. :)


Anonymous said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the rest!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Cathy!


P.S. I have just been calling them "Preggie Pics" hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Love these photos. Never did any like this with any of my 3 pregnancies. But wish I would have now. Awesome photos! JW

Anonymous said...

Lauren with the Big "L" you never looked so sexy. I loved the pictures, thanks for sharing. You sis in NC

Anonymous said...

Hey Cath, How about these:
- Pre-Born Baby Shoot
- Tummy Time Shoot

I think Libby was absolutely beautiful in the height of prenancy (as she continues to be even now - but it was special then)....so how about:
- In Blossom Shoot

My two cents,

PS - Lib and I are prayin for your mamogram test today.

Anonymous said...

Love these..you are amazing!(but you know that already dont cha??) What a super cool way to capture a moment in time.tlb

Anonymous said...

i love them, especially the belly to belly, nose to nose. very cute.