Saturday, July 21, 2007

Night at the Aquarium...

My daughter's Brownie Troop (along with some parents, myself included) got to spend the night at the Aquarium last cool! The aquarium is very different at night...the eels were restless.

Our group got to sleep right up against the Shark tank. This picture isn't the best, but it was REALLY dark...but it shows them in their sleeping bags, right next to all the big shark, fish, and a really cool sea turtle.

This morning we got to see the tigers...
"Tiger's?" might ask!...ya, I didn't get it either. They said that they like to show entire eco-systems. There was more to the explaination, but now I forgot it...the basic thing is that they want it to be more then just looking at fish...they want this museum to show a bigger picture. cool.
here kitty-kitty!

and here it came!...right up to me on the other side of a thick glass. Doesn't it look happy?!...they had just given it some whip joke! Who would've guessed I had something in common with tigers...a love for whip cream!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing. What fun you all must have had. :)JW