Friday, April 27, 2007

New life

My son's class has been nurturing eggs in an incubator for 3 weeks. Yesterday, they started hatching. I LOVE live poultry! I am obsessed with roosters and chickens...they cover my kitchen. And I was so excited about taking some pics of the new chicks. My emotions totally surprised me. I felt sad.
There is no mama to raise these chicks. They are in the incubator all by themselves. It actually sorta freaks me out. You can't even hold them yet, cuz you can't open the incubator because it is temperature controlled, and there are still quite a few eggs that still need to hatch. (sigh)
On another note, did you know that chicks are born with an egg tooth that they use to crack the shell? And then they lose that tooth. Imagine, a special tooth just for their arrival date! God was so creative.

And here is a picture of Lily...isn't she so cute?...we just can't seem to get that fur at the top of her head to go down. She lays in the same place on the area rug everyday. It is sorta the middle of our house...near the foot of the stairs, so she's not far from anything that is happening. I just LOVE this dog. Although, if she keeps snoring at night, I'm afraid my dear husband will throw her out the window.

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