Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fire and farm animals

There is a huge fire going on pretty close to our house. We are safe, but I've been on information overload because I've been watching the news for like 30 hours so that I know if the evacuation boundaries have been changed (we are about a mile from the latest boundary). Thousands of people have been evacuated. The latest total on completely destroyed homes is 360. Animals are lost and scared. The community is coming together on Facebook to help find owners, to spread information (which I have to say is pretty cool...totally loving FB right now). 

I'm worried and heartbroken for the community. I'm worried about all of my friends that have horses and goats and chickens and history in their homes and on their land. 

And I'm thinking about what I would take if we needed to leave. Why do I not have all of my favorite photos on a flashdrive? And our important papers in one easy to grab folder? But when I really think about it, all I need is my family and our animals. 

So, here are some photos from a shoot a few months ago, of a few baby goats at one of the farms I'm worried for today. 

(How much do you love a goat in a sweater?!)

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Wordfiend said...

I've been watching updates on Facebook as well and am alarmed at how the fire has progressed.

But I do love a goat in a sweater, especially a goat being hugged by a cute kid.