Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We are living in the land of fires right now. Huge, glowing fires. 
It's sorta freaking me out. 
Which is sorta stupid, because we are in very little danger of it affecting our property. But, fires have a way of unhinging me.  Ready for a childhood memory? Here we go... a very vivid memory from when I was young (6-ish?)
I was staying at my grandmother's house during summer and my grandmother and I went for a walk...I can't imagine that we were gone more than 45 minutes...and when we got back, the next door neighbor's house was on fire. It burnt to the ground. I will never forget the smell, the ash, the fear of something so powerful to consume something so quickly and ruthlessly. And I felt so alone. 

It's weird how emotions from something can come crashing back. 

(Last night around 7)

(today, 3:50)

And just a few minutes ago...it's coming over the mountains.
Lord help us.


Sarah said...

so sad and scary, cathy!! james' and my first springs apartment is likely burned to the ground, but glad all our family and friends are staying safe. gorgeous and disturbing photo of the fire coming over the mountain.

Shash said...

hoping you and all you know are safe.