Sunday, April 8, 2012

A few little things...

A few things...
1. I am in love with ice tea right now. Thanks to my dear friend Traci, I have gotten on the iced tea band wagon and have perfected the perfect cup. DeLISH.

2. I am DIGGING collage and everything involved. I have found myself obsessed with links and websites dedicated to everything collage/mixed media/messy-art and I am such the smitten kitten. My challenge to myself is a new collage every day for the rest of April. I am being brave...and in that I mean that I am moving forward with no more research and buying of supplies and I'm making it work with what I have, even if the end product sucks. Sometimes you just need to show up. You never know when a little magic will happen.

3. I am coming up on my year anniversary for being vegan. I never knew that life without cheese was doable, let alone enjoyable. I have never felt better in my life and am really thankful for the blogs/books/goodness out there that has helped me on my path.

4. We had to get a different version of a birth certificate for our son (apparently California gave out really lame BC's 15 years ago and they aren't accepted anymore as valid identification) so that he can get his driving permit (AHHHH!). When the new birth certificate came, everything looked good accept for my husband's birth year....which listed it as 1867. I knew I married an older man, but golly. :)

No matter when you were born, I hope you have an absolutely swell start of your week. :)

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