Thursday, March 29, 2012

hiking love

(detail of old bridge rail)

Went on a hike yesterday and was just blown away by how much I loved it.  I loved the dry smell of the crushed leaves under foot. Loved the sound of the river we kept crossing over on old bridges. I loved climbing over rocks on the trail and seeing the birds and squirrels call out in protest to our presence (not that I delight in freaking out woodland creatures, but when they make noise I am more likely to see them). Most of the snow had melted, so there was very little chance of slipping (although I found a way to slip twice!...yup, I'm totally talented at slipping!), it was 70 degrees with no wind. It was perfect. Plus, I have this enormous pimple on my chin...and nature doesn't care. :) I can go out with blemishes and no mascara and really old workout clothes and it just doesn't matter. I love that.

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