Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Current obsessions

Yogi teas. Seriously. SO delicious. The one I'm drinking today has fennel and licorice root and is completely dreamy.

Theraflu. I should've taken it yesterday. While on a shoot, I kept forgetting my client's names and then, just to add a little bit of horification to my day, I fell. Into a mud puddle. I'm known to fall or trip or slip during  a shoot, but this was a doozie. I think Theraflu could've saved the day. Theraflu is a wonder drug.

My rice cooker. Just knowing that I have yummy brown rice waiting for me in the fridge is so comforting.

Modern Family. Obsessed. I have it going all day while editing photos.

Collage. Even if it's a 3 minute collage exercise...just to get the creative juices flowing. What I love about art is that you can do it just for you...knowing it will never be on a wall...knowing it doesn't need to be perfect...knowing that you've done something just for you.

What are you obsessed with?

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