Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The reluctant tea drinker

I like tea. I do. But not in the morning. Not to get me fired up for the day. 

My favorite part of getting up in the morning is the smell of the coffee brewing...so earthy and smooth. I used to drink it with a flavored creamer, but nixed that while trying to cut down some calories and chemicals. I still miss creamer. It's been over a year. Can you tell I don't take to change very well?

But I adjusted to just drinking it black. You can really taste the coffee that way. So dark and pungent and beautiful. Coffee was my business partner and my best-friend-pick-me-up. Coffee said "GO!". Coffee woke me up and kicked me in the butt...in a good way.

Til a few weeks ago.
Apparently when I am under stress, drinking a whole bunch of coffee doesn't always work. Instead of it getting me fired up for the day, I just felt a painful burning fire in my stomach and throat. 
Not good.

So. I am rocking out the tea. Which really means I am pouring myself a cup of tea in the morning with a really bad attitude and overflowing resentment at the way coffee betrayed me. 


Shash said...

Lots of good black teas to try. I now add skim milk instead of my usual 1% in an effort to control cholesterol that has gone through the roof due to medication. I miss the tiny bit of fat. It made a difference.

Coffee smells fantastic. But it is false advertising. To me, it never tasted anywhere near as good as the smell. But I do volunteer to get up and make coffee for my guy. Just for the scent of it.

Tonya said...

Tea is delicious and wonderful and...it's just not coffee. I never understand the fighting between coffee & tea drinkers. I think they are both great and enjoy them at different times. And I think it's just fine to grieve & miss your coffee.