Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's almost done...

This week we are getting our hardwood floors re-finished on the main level of our house and it has totally thrown me off. First, our house is covered in a light layer of dust. Second, the kitchen counters and cabinets are covered in plastic and taped off. I'm never one to complain about going out to eat and I am daily amazed at how often the kids and hubby want meals (really? 3?!), but I cannot wait to use the kitchen again! Third, though we are allowed to walk on the floors in socks, our DOG cannot, so anytime I move about the house, I have to CARRY her. So I have ended up being sequestered in my office because it's just easier. 

So I'm backed up a little bit in work and sanity. You'd think that will all the time in my office that I'd get TONS done, but I seem to be going in slow motion. I will catch up soon enough. :) If you are waiting to hear back from me, I haven't forgotten on purpose, the fumes from the new stain have just eaten a few more of my brain big deal.

Oh, and a sneak peek from forever ago! :) 

And for the comic book fan...
(maybe you can use this for your facebook page) 

But maybe this is better...what do you think?...if you are going for a comic book look, what do you prefer?


KimL said...

I feel your pain, that dust gets EVERYWHERE! Just think of how beautiful it is!

Shash said...

For the comic book, I prefer the more colorful version. The face shot (#3 here) is wonderful.

Enjoy the floors and getting your kitchen back.