Thursday, May 12, 2011

An invitation to hang

Hello everyone! I wanted to share something that is going to be FLYING through the photography world in the next month...An Invitation To Hang...a month long art project led by the AMAZING Chase Jarvis.
The cool thing is that it's not just for photogs, it's for everyone. It is a celebration and collection of the SNAPSHOT.  Snapshots are the documentation of moments and stories and EVERYONE is welcome to participate.

What is it? On online collection of snapshots made by Chase and anyone with a camera (iphones are included!!!) Also, some photos will be chosen to be part of an art display at the Ace Hotel in New York.

Where? you can submit your photos at

How long? it's a 30 day project starting now.

Why? to participate in a month long study of the snapshot...of life. :) Together. As a world-wide community.

Go here to Chase Jarvis's blog to find out more information on this fab project. It doesn't have to be "art" just has to be a snapshot.

I will be sharing here all the snapshots that I personally submit. I would love it if you could leave me a comment if you are going to participate as well. I think something really beautiful happens when you are part of a community project. The world gets a little smaller, a little closer, and our differences become beautiful and amazing to witness. I'm excited to be part of it.

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justastonesthrowaway said...

Hello my friend! Long time no see......I've been gone for way too long!

I submitted a few photos to the Invitation to Hang!

They are:
Blowing winter kisses
Happy Hair
Joy Unspeakable

What fun! Thanks for sharing!