Monday, January 31, 2011


Before I got pregnant with our firstborn (15 years ago!!!), I was almost a vegetarian. Not completely, but a little. :) I've never really enjoyed the texture of meat. Or the taste of dark meat. And I can't eat something that looks close to the animal it used to be (like a Thanksgiving turkey). I end up picturing it walking around and having a family and then I start making up little stories about it's adventures on the farm.
Do other people do this?
Anyway, a typical lunch for myself is fat free refried beans, a little cheese, lowfat sour cream, and baked chips. I could eat it every day. And do, especially through the winter. 
So, with all the Food Inc information, I thought I'd try some Whole Foods Beans.  
Oh my gosh, so good! Love. The beans I got also had green chilies and lime juice in it. Yummy. And only about 20 cents more than my favorite Rosarita brand. Totally worth it. 
Is it normal to have a whole post about beans?

I'll do another new flat iron:
Thank you honey and kids for the best flat iron ever. This thing rocks. I wasn't sure it would be so different than the one I had by revolon, but it is. It changes the texture of my hair (which can only be described as unruly) in less than half the time. 

Today, I am having lunch with one of my most favorite people on the planet and it's supposed to snow soon, which makes today just about perfect. 

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Shash said...

I know a woman who's only meat consumption is turkey deli meat (naturally raised). From the time she was a small child, she hated the way meat feels in her mouth.

I understand completely when she talks about textures. It only took me 37 years to get over the texture of beans. Now I love 'em.