Saturday, August 28, 2010


So, it's a Saturday in August, 9:31am, and I am still in my PJ's. That hasn't happened in like 4 years. My main camera body malfunctioned yesterday and I had to send it in to be serviced. And while I do have a back-up camera, I didn't realize until yesterday (in the middle of a shoot!) how much I disliked using it. So I have rescheduled the shoot for today and the magazine shoot for Sunday and am waiting for my rental to come in on Tuesday to get ready for the 5 shoots I have at the end of the week. Wow. I was a basket case yesterday. Cried for much of the afternoon about my camera and a small situation at my kid's school. But this morning, all I am is thankful. I have a little mini vacation that I never dreamed of. I have time to work on pendants and read and maybe clean a little bit. I have a nice block of time to get in a long run. I have space in my head to dream a bit. And maybe paint. And walk to Starbucks with the kids. And breathe deeply.

Yesterday, I was crumbling. But today I can see all the problems more clearly and see them as the gift that they are.

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justastonesthrowaway said...

Bless your heart. At an ewomen's conference I attended last Spring one of the speakers spoke about all of the things we complain about HAVING to do when in all actuality we should be thankful that we are ABLE to do them and that we HAVE them to do. YOur post reminded me of this. I'm glad to see that you found a gift in the midst of the chaos. I try to remember this when I'm in the fire. God is GOOD!