Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Double goodness

This shoot with these awesome girls started out a bit rough. We were shooting downtown and the mom and one of the sisters almost got hit by a maniac car coming into the parking lot near where I was shooting and then (gasp) I was asked to leave the property.
me..."I'm just shooting a few images for some senior pictures."
maniac car guy who I think is on some kind of speed..."ya, no." (there was more on his part of the conversation, but I didn't pick up any of it because he was talking too fast)
You know what, maniac car guy? did us all a favor because the light was better anywhere but your building. So there. And have a nice day.

Today, I'm taking the day off and am going to Fort Collins for the day with my family and dog. Day trip. Good eats. Good car tunes. Good stuff. Oh, summer, please don't fly by so fast.

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justastonesthrowaway said...

Beautiful Girls & AWESOME pics!