Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I could die happy...

My jewelry stand came in the mail yesterday...it's more perfect than I could even imagine. It's portable, it spins, and my pendants make the most delightful noise when you rotate it. (((big sigh of complete bliss)))

And day 2 of new announcement examples. Yay!

It's Tuesday, so I'm happy already.
Biggest Loser is on tonight.
It's Taco night.
Spinning my new jewelry stand.
Think about asking local shops to carry my pendants. Ugh. That entire idea makes me queasy.
Dream about documenting a garden party for "Cooking Light" magazine.
Listen to my new awesome ipod Touch.
Drink more coffee.

What are YOU doing today?


justastonesthrowaway said...

Well, I am at work right now but I am also looking forward to Biggest Loser tonight!
Tacos sound great but we are having Shrimp Gumbo on this rainy Tuesday.

I dropped by to tell you that I received the darling little pendant that I ordered from you a few days ago. It is sooooo stinkin cute! I wish I could buy all of them. It's a birthday gift for my best friend but I want to keep it. LOL......I promise I want but I want to so badly!

You should DEFINITELY ask local shops to carry your pendants my friend!

LOVE THE JEWELRY STAND. I want one of those and one of each of your pendants please :-)

justastonesthrowaway said...

After seeing the pendant in person and the quality of your work AND seeing this one hanging on your nifty new jewelry stand, I just purchased the Be Sparkly pendant just for me!
Now, I have to stop looking at them........

dawn said...

the stand is AWESOME! I love it!

And Biggest Loser here--hooray!