Monday, December 7, 2009


Last week, we got some bad news about a job that my husband was in the running for and I had a mini meltdown over the weekend about it. Not that our hope is in a job or money...but I felt fragile and needed a good cry. And after having a long, indulgent cry, I felt better. And less fragile. And open to creating new things (always a good sign for me). So, I tore up an antique John Steinbeck book and made a billion paper ornaments and garlands. Very "Elf" like. And it made me smile all day while watching a Harry Potter marathon and hanging out with my sick son and healthy daughter while it snowed outside. Perfect. And thank you God for a day of relief and goodness.

I had to document this...this is our dog's favorite time of year...when she can hang out under a tree IN OUR HOUSE! :)


Anonymous said...

Hope is good and so is a good cry now and then. Your tree is beautiful and the dog is pretty cute too. BTW - I LOVE the paper ornaments! Love

Jeanne Oliver said...

I am so sorry about the job. You should move to CR:-) I love how creating can put a smile on my face all day too when I am creating JUST FOR ME!!!

dawn said...

LOVE those ornaments and garland, Cath. You are so creative. Lily looks cute under the tree.

Great verse. Hold on to hope. Cry when you need to...crying doesn't mean you've lost hope. it means you need to cry!

praying for you guys.