Friday, October 3, 2008

love friday

Hi lovely blog readers!
I have a million things to do today...a million people to call, a million emails, and a million loads of laundry. But that's okay, cuz I have so many forms of love today that I just can't stand it, it's so wonderful.
After the whole "grandma dying with out anyone telling me" mom gave me a few pieces of jewelry, including a brooch...isn't that lovely?! I remember staring at it as a kid...I even remember her wearing it and I love that.
And my wonderful hubby brought me the best sugar-free ice mocha EVER!
I have the most comfy leopard pillows sitting right behind me.
Project runway is playing on my DVD.

And life is good.


Anonymous said...

did you make that with fotofusion? cute :)

Cathy said...

Hey Tonya!
Everything I do is done in photoshop cs2. :)