Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More RAM IS better!

I got my new computer yesterday and am in the process of transferring programs and fonts and website stuff. I learned some important things...
I don't write down passwords or user names. Sometimes this is a problem.
New computers are stressful. I don't care how exciting it is...it's stressful and any transferring should be done with at least one cocktail in hand.
4gigs of RAM in a tower is better than 1.5 in a laptop. This computer is THROWING down. Seriously.
I have no idea how to transfer my favorite bookmarks...I have HUNDREDS of photographers and graphic designers and painters that I look at weekly. Anyone have any idea before I go old school and T.Y.P.E. them in?
AND...a sneak peek from yesterday's shoot. :)

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Dawn said...

there is a way to import favorites - did you figure it out? go to internet explorer, file (under tools) and then import favorites...you will have had to save them from old computer, and then saved to new computer. i'm sure you could google it for better instructions